A special dinner experience
with drinking

Restaurant Cafe CARO offers stylish decor and a refined ambience—the perfect setting to enjoy delicious Italian cuisine. Choose from some 30 different pasta combinations, try one of our pizzas prepared with home-made dough, or take a look through the enticing a la carte menu. There is so much variety on offer, with a broad selection of wines, whiskeys and other beverages to match. We pride ourselves on taking the utmost care and dedication with every dish, from the ingredients through to the final presentation. And we’re open until late, so you can call in for an after-party or for a quiet drink at the bar.
Come and try Restaurant Cafe CARO sometime soon! You won’t be disappointed.

Note:Prices exclude consumption tax

KING OF PASTA award menu

First place winner in King of Pasta 2014, this dish features deliciously soft fresh pasta, topped with lemon zest to add a touch of sharpness, and an egg that you can mix together with the sauce to make a carbonara or leave as a complement to the lemon cream sauce. The choice is yours!


Second place winner in King of Pasta 2014,
Using a smooth cream sauce for the base, Add yuzu pepper inside and give it a tangy accent. The taste of pork and eringi from Gunma Prefecture are intertwined. On top of the pasta is topped with Japanese green basil, A refreshing taste is added.

cream sauce

This dish came third in King of Pasta 2018, a year where entry to the competition was limited to previous winners. It was created specifically to complement the Chinese cabbage grown by one of our longstanding suppliers. The cream sauce is infused with Saikyo miso paste to add richness of flavor, while the cabbage and onions produce a delicious texture.


A dish to feel
the charm of Gunma

This generous and filling dish is
made from shoulder roast
of Joshu grain-fed pork,
a premium pork
product from Gunma prefecture,
complemented with a sharp sauce
featuring finely shredded wasabi
to accent the natural flavors.


This dish is made from Shinshin, a rare cut of Joshu beef famed for its soft, tender flesh and thin streaks, complemented by a rich balsamic sauce.

roast beaf

CARO at night
a great place for a drink

Wine is a vital component of Italian cuisine.
Restaurant Cafe CARO boasts an extensive wine list including reds, whites, sparkling and champagne varieties, with something to complement any and every meal.

wine bottle

Restaurant Cafe CARO has a fully stocked bar with a carefully curated selection of fine whiskeys including scotch and bourbon varieties. Come in and let us help you find the perfect whiskey for your palate!

Whisky bottle